What Is A Digital Product?

A Digital Product is a software enabled product or service that offers some form of utility to a human being.

In today’s digital world, consumers have unlimited choice. When they decide to buy a product or service, they have a chance to conduct an extensive search for this specific commodity thanks to the internet. For brands, online presence has become important more than ever.

There is a cutthroat competition on every industry and spreading the word isn’t enough anymore. You need to stand out from thousands of similar companies with a smart strategy.

The digital touchpoint through which a human interfaces with said product or service can sit on many types of platforms and devices. Those can include web, mobile, auto, wearables, VR and beyond. Things are slowly moving beyond the visual interface towards the more natural form of conversational interface. As you are interacting with the product it does more than simply display information, as say a marketing website does. Complex interactions take place between the part you use (the front-end) which is connected (integrated) into the wider system that runs the service in its entirety (the back-end). This means software is core to it all.

All client’s businesses are becoming heavily software driven. So client demand has shifted towards the actual delivery of digital products and services into market, rather than just the strategy behind or marketing of them. In addition Design has become recognised as a critical factor in creating successful products and services. All of this has placed a premium on those skills and the relatively few companies that can offer it. Thus the red market for studios who can offer those capabilities and a whole lot of posturing by those who can’t.


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