The legislators prepared legal solutions that would destroy the Internet as we know it.

You should know what is law and what is Mafia rules to make more money for themselves.

If ARTICLE11 and ARTICLE13 comes into force, it can be used to filter and block (censor) any type of content in the EU. From that moment, there will be no way back is a change leading to an authoritarian system.

ARTICLE11 and ARTICLE11 will force the EU to create an AI super infrastructure that will automatically censor online content before it will be posted. Each portal and application (desktop or mobile) will need to be connected to it avoid the economic risk of being financially liable for a post or comment (even by comming from an anonymous user) of protected content.

Today, this infrastructure will be used to protect copyrights in a radicle way. Unfortunately, ARTICLE11 and ARTICLE11 not only enforces the creation of censorship infrastructure, it also introduces a precedent to the European legal system, allowing for preventive censorship of content. Because of this tomorrow, this infrastructure and legal precedent will be used to censor moral content. Already, the European Commission is preparing legal solutions in forms of different directives that will use ARTICLE11 and ARTICLE11 to censor content about organizations considered to be “radical”. Recently popular topic in the EU is hate speech and “fake news”. Right now there are ideas of “filtering”, and blocking of this type of content aswell.

The temptation is great with such power. The infrastructure once operative, can be used to filter and block any kind of content the powers controlling it choose too and there will be no going back.

Article 11 – the linktax is an effort of corporate lobbing. It gives extra copyrights to press, requiring a license from the publisher for anyone who would like to use even the shortest fragment from a press relies or an article – this also refers to link snippets (the title, description and picture in a link). In effect Article 11 will kill all independent media and online polemic.

Article 13 – the uploadfilters dumps the responsibility for posts & comments from the authors to the owners of the websites. It offers a tool to help the owners of website to filter the content – a filtering IT infrastructure that all website will need to connect to. This filter will censor all content which will consider that violate copyrights before the post or comment will go public.

What can you do?



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    Save Your Internet
    March 21, 2019 at 8:59 am

    Rette Dein Internet – Aufruf zum europaweiten Demo-Tag am 23. März!
    Die geplante EU-Urheberrechtsreform droht, den freien Austausch von Meinungen und Kultur über das Internet massiv einzuschränken. Daher rufen wir gemeinsam am 23. März 2019 zu europaweiten Protesten dagegen auf!

  2. Stop laws that prevent development. New technology can save your life too

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